About Me

Dr. Gabbita Srinivasa Shastri

Dr Gabbita Srinivasa Shastri is a Doctrate in Pachadasa kriya (Pre and Post birth rites as per Apastamba Sutram). He is also a Veda Pandit in Krishna Yajurveda, and has completed Veda study through Guru Kula adhyayanam. He also has vast practical knowledge of all traditions. He performs through utmost devotion with knowledge of all texts and Vedic insights….

Rituals in Kasi

The holy place of Kasi is considered as the ultimate pilgrimage spot for all Hindus. Undertaking Kasi Yatra will help one attain salvation.

Kashi Vishwanath abhishekam

Kumkuma puja

Laksha Vattula Nomu)


Laksha bilvarchana

Sankalpa snanam

go puja


accolades & recognition

A holy dip in river Ganga, meditative repetition of mantra or divine name, pouring in fire, death, and worship of deities in Kashi are considered to be unfailing.

What My Clients Say About Me

We have visited Kasi in Jan 2019 to conduct my father's yearly death ceremony and we have requested Shri. Gabbeta Srinivasa Sastry garu to be the priest and we were very happy with his services and also the arrangements he provided. Srinivasa Sastry garu is very knowledgeable, kind person and is highly respected priest in Harischandra Ghat.
Freya Sanz