Spiritual & Traditional Rites

Spiritual Rites and Rituals in Kashi have a great religious significance which surrounds your body and soul with a great positive energy. Perform all the Varanasi rituals with deep sacred faith in god and let your soul filled with peace.


The way of worshipping God and getting blessed.


A sacred puja to Lord Agni offering edible items.

Ganga Ghats

Varanasi is situated on the banks of river Ganga.


Pitru Rituals

Devotees take holy dip in Ganga on ‘Pitru Paksha Shradh’ Devotees on Friday took a holy dip in Ganga River at Varanasi’s Brijghat on the occasion of ‘Pitru Paksha Shradh’. The priests performed rituals on the banks of the river and chanted hymns as the devotees offered prayers and sought blessings


accolades & recognition

A holy dip in river Ganga, meditative repetition of mantra or divine name, pouring in fire, death, and worship of deities in Kashi are considered to be unfailing.

Dr. Gabbita Srinivasa Shastri

Doctrate in Pachadasa kriya (Pre and Post birth rites as per Apastamba Sutram). 

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Dr. Gabbita Srinivasa Shastri

Dr Gabbita Srinivasa Shastri is a Doctrate in Pachadasa kriya (Pre and Post birth rites as per Apastamba Sutram). He is also a Veda Pandit in Krishna Yajurveda, and has completed Veda study through Guru Kula adhyayanam. He also has vast practical knowledge of all traditions. He performs through utmost devotion with knowledge of all texts and Vedic insights….

What My People​​ Say about Me

We came on a very tight schedule to Kasi but due to Sastri garu we were able to finish our rituals and temple visits easily. We are so pleased to have met Sastri garu and thankful he planned everything so accordingly. I even shared his details with my friends and colleagues. I highly recommend having Sastri garu help with any of your future pujas and rituals!
Srimayi Ganesuni
Pooja performed very well, prasadam received. I know them since my childhood, very nice people. They know how to perform Pooja in a systematic way. Thank you
Kanakamedala Venkata Rambabu
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Bhargav Ram